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Level 3 Payment Processing 

Level 3 Line Item Detail Reduces B2B & B2G Credit Card Transaction Fees by as much as 1% -1.5%

  • Save THOUSANDS of Dollars Every Year
  • Receive Outstanding Funds FASTER
  • Save TIME, Eliminate Errors with AUTOMATED Level 3 Processing

Level 3 Processing Lowers Transaction Costs Up To 40% 
Each time you accept a credit card transaction, Visa and MasterCard use “interchange fees” to determine how much you pay the issuing bank.
For business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) purchases, these interchange fees fall into one of 3 processing categories — Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. Level 1 has the highest rates. Level 3 has the lowest rates.

Always want the lowest rates? 
Simply include Level 3 line item detail (see Table 1) on all credit cards you accept, including Purchase, Commercial, Corporate, Government, Fleet, and MasterCard business credit cards.
Level 3 Processing is a more sophisticated way of accepting commercial and government cards. It tells the issuing bank what is being purchased, who is involved in the transaction, how the sale is taking place, and when.
Enjoy more revenue and profits on every transaction. 

Level 3 credit card processing lowers transaction cost by up to 40%. Adding Level 3 data to the order can reduce the transaction cost by 1% - 1.5%. Those savings add up quickly.
Save Time and Eliminate Human Error 
Manually entering the required Level 3 details is a never-ending headache. With over 400 unique interchange rates based on industry, method of card acceptance, type of card used and size of purchase, it could take HOURS, and there’s a high error risk.
Thankfully, the Revolution Payments Gateway automates the Level 3 updating of credit card payments. Done in seconds with virtually 100% accuracy! There are no hidden fees. Approval and setup are quick and easy. And you’ll just love our class-act customer service and support.